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v110 beta released


This version is a subsequent release to v109-alpha and is considered a beta release. If you choose to use update from either v107 of v109-alpha we recommend proceeding with caution. Use in a production with caution. Continue reading

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v109 Alpha Released

While we are not yet ready to announce the beta of v109, we are thrilled to report that a pre-production alpha version of the next generation of the program has been released on github. Continue reading

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Update on v108

Quick update on the upcoming Zenbership v108 update: I’m still hard at work finalizing the update and it’s quickly turning into a monster! Continue reading

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Update Schedule for Zenbership

Here’s a quick overview of the update schedule for Zenbership over the next couple of months. It involves making a huge push to improve the core functionality of the software before the documentation gets rebuilt, with the goal being to release four updates by mid-summer 2016. Continue reading

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v107 Released

v107 of Zenbership has been released.  The focus of this update was to improve the campaign and event features.

Continue reading

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