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Update on upcoming stable release

It’s been a while since I last gave an update on the status of the upcoming new release, so I wanted to take a minute to quickly update everyone on the progress.

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v110 beta released


This version is a subsequent release to v109-alpha and is considered a beta release. If you choose to use update from either v107 of v109-alpha we recommend proceeding with caution. Use in a production with caution. Continue reading

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A Quick Note on The Extension Store

Many users have contacted me to ask where the extension store is located.

The extension store has not yet been released and will be included in the upcoming update which is scheduled for the end of the summer/early-fall.

I thank you for your patience while I do everything I can to improve the software.

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v108 Update

Just a quick update to let everyone know that work is still progressing on v108¬†with the release date¬†still anticipated for mid-to-late summer. I’ll keep posting updates as work progresses.

Happy Monday!

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Installation Guide Video

We’ve added a comprehensive installation guide video which takes you through the steps required to install Zenbership on your website. Continue reading

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