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Installation Guide Video

We’ve added a comprehensive installation guide video which takes you through the steps required to install Zenbership on your website. Continue reading

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Don’t open emails from yourself!

(Unless you know you sent them to yourself, that is!)

Earlier today I got an email from a client claiming that his email had been hacked. That obviously worried me, so I jumped into action to investigate. It turned out that he hadn’t been hacked, but rather been “spoofed”. Continue reading

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Free Installations and Implementations for a Limited Time!

As part of our drive to get users up and running on the Zenbership platform (and show off what it can do), we’re offering ten (10) free installations and implementations to qualified users. That’s over a $700 value, free! Continue reading

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Update Schedule for Zenbership

Here’s a quick overview of the update schedule for Zenbership over the next couple of months. It involves making a huge push to improve the core functionality of the software before the documentation gets rebuilt, with the goal being to release four updates by mid-summer 2016. Continue reading

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5 Signs You’re in “Excel Hell”

Excel is a great tool for creating spreadsheets, but not so great for coordinating a complex database of members. When your organization starts growing quick enough, it will lead to what is affectionally  known as “Excel Hell.” Chances are, if you’re using excel, you’re either already in it, or knocking at the gates. Continue reading

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v107 Released

v107 of Zenbership has been released.  The focus of this update was to improve the campaign and event features.

Continue reading

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Video Tip: Running Reports With Criteria and Quick Filters

In this video we’ll go over the basic difference between the “Quick Filters” system and the “Criteria System”. Continue reading

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Video Tip: Running a Special on a Shopping Cart Product

In this video we’ll go over how to run a special on a product, discounting it and marking it a discounted in the store front. Continue reading

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What’s Next Now That Zenbership’s Been Open Sourced?

Now that Zenbership has been open sourced, a number of people have asked me what the future of the program holds. There’s both good news and bad news on that front: the good is that there are lots of plans; the bad is that it may take some time to properly roll them out. Let me explain. Continue reading

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Zenbership Has Gone Open Source!

It’s with great pride that I can finally say the words I’ve been wanting to say for years: Zenbership has gone open source!” Continue reading

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