It’s been a while since I last gave an update on the status of the upcoming new release, so I wanted to take a minute to quickly update everyone on the progress.

At the present moment I’ve released two “beta updates” bringing the program up to v111. These mainly include stability fixes for issues related to MySQL strict mode limitations and a variety of smaller new features.

Currently, the last items holding up the stable release of the next version of Zenbership are:

  • inclusion or a brand new, much more robust “News” feature which will allow for “mini blogs” throughout your website. Included in these are news posts, media posts, and much more. The inclusion of this feature will make your membership websites far more interactive and engaging, something I’ve been working hard to accomplish.
  • a bug with some registration forms that is causing some issues with registrations in specific scenarios needs to be addressed before we can call this reease stable. I’m working very hard to get this taken care of.
  • a variety if smaller bug fixes and layout changes in the admin dashboard are being worked on to make the general usage experience better.
  • And of course, work on improving the documentation with a focus on developer documentation is well underway

All of this should be ready by the summer! I’m looking forward to releasing the next version of Zenbership and hope you’re as excited as I am!