This version is a subsequent release to v109-alpha and is considered a beta release. If you choose to use update from either v107 of v109-alpha we recommend proceeding with caution. Use in a production with caution.

Changes and New Features

  • Added username/contact name to table-view list of notes.
  • Option to use email as username. If using it, only include email on form (no username field).
  • Usernames default to case sensitive now.
  • Contact merging tool added.
  • Dependency forms for transactions are added as notes to the transaction.
  • Further SMS improvements, including a new SMS custom hook.
  • Created plugin uninstaller.
  • Ability to use a custom template for each catalog category.
  • Creating fields: field IDs now match the name of the field whenever possible.
  • Importing Members: better usernames are selected rather than the default “u12345678” style.
  • Cron: database cleaning tool improved to sync member IDs with potential mismatches on orders.


Access the update code from github:



You can access the code from github: