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v109 Alpha Released

While we are not yet ready to announce the beta of v109, we are thrilled to report that a pre-production alpha version of the next generation of the program has been released on github.

Zenbership v109 Alpha on Github

Please note that this is a preview version only and is NOT intended for use in production. We still have a lot of work and testing to do before we are confident releasing it as a beta-stable version. Until then, feel free to familiarize yourselves with the new interface and features. Some of the new features included in v108 and v109 (released together as the above alpha) include:

  • Pinned notes on homepage and/or or member page.
  • Added customizable pipeline (contact) types.
  • Source Tracking with A/B testing options
  • SMS Improvements
  • E-Mail Improvements
  • One click email reply on form submissions
  • Invoices/subscription improvements:
    • Invoices spawned from subscriptions now credit the subscription when paid;
    • When not paid, it cancels the subscription;
    • If the subscription comes to renewal again but the invoice hasn’t been paid, both are canceled.
  • Event attendee improvements.
  • New feed items and general improvements.
  • Added better descriptions and help bubbles throughout the control panel.
  • New criteria, including “content access”, “total spent”, and “product purchased”
  • Criteria error logs added.
  • Improved quick search.
  • New hooks added, including subscription upgrade/downgrade and contact pipeline movement.
  • Admin dashboard layout changes.
  • General performance improvements.

If you decide to test v109, please contact us with your thoughts, ideas, and of course any bugs you find!

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  1. Hi,
    any luck with integrating third party payment gateways not already a part of available list of integration?

  2. Will v108 users be able to update their install within zenbership or will it have to be a new install and transfer to the v109?

  3. Hi Jon
    Is the phpBB plugin being worked on, or has that been dumped/shelved?

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