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A Quick Note on The Extension Store

Many users have contacted me to ask where the extension store is located.

The extension store has not yet been released and will be included in the upcoming update which is scheduled for the end of the summer/early-fall.

I thank you for your patience while I do everything I can to improve the software.

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  1. Hi Jon, I’m really excited by Zenbership and would like to help in some way to help it build and grow awareness. Were I a programmer, I’d help with code, but that’s not my forte. If there’s anything other than programming the project needs help with, I’d like to know more.

    Also, I’m really interested in integrating Zenbership with Mautic. Any plans to hook into the Mautic API as part of the extension store?

    • Truly appreciate your comment and desire to help spread the word about Zenbership! Mautic has been added to our list of potential extensions that we will release into the extension store once v109 stable is released. Stay tuned to the blog and website for updates on this and feel free to contact me directly by email if you wanted to discuss further.

  2. Hi.. it very instersting software,,

    i’am is an newbie internet marketing, and this software is very helpful to me..
    but, like as other membership software, are this one have affiliate feature..?
    and, can we setting to accept manual payment, like as bank transfer, then manual activating by admin.


    • Currently there is no affiliate tool, however there are plans to create an affiliate program extension that will be compatible with v109 stable. We do not yet know when this will become available however. Check the blog and website for updates!

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