As part of our drive to get users up and running on the Zenbership platform (and show off what it can do), we’re offering ten (10) free installations and implementations to qualified users. That’s over a $700 value, free!

Who is Eligible?

All entries will be reviewed to meet the following guidelines:

  • Industries: We are looking for companies and organizations that are in various industries. Some companies may be disqualified if another site in the same industry has already been selected, but that’s not always the case. We will not feature websites in the adult or gambling industries.
  • An existing established website: We apologize, but we cannot accept applications for websites that are currently under construction. Your website will need to be established and live online so that we can properly review the content and design.
  • Well Designed Website: We have strong content standards, so your website must be well designed and actively maintained.
  • Existing User Base/Transition from Existing Platform: Not required, but websites with an existing platform looking to transition to Zenbership are highly desired.

What’s the Agreement?

By participating, you agree to the following terms:

  • We are permitted to use your company name, logo, review, and website, as well as other assets on our websites ( and
  • You agree to be a case study.
  • We truly hope that you’ll be willing to provide an honest written review of the experience with us and the software on one of our partner websites, such as Capterra. Positive or negative doesn’t matter, we just want your honest thoughts (and we’re not afraid of you making them public)!

What Do I Get?

In exchange, you’ll get a full installation and implementation of Zenbership on your website, up to 8 hours of work included — free of charge!

How Do I Apply?

Please click here to submit your application form. There is no time limit on this. We’ll accept applications until we fill all 10 slots.